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The Filching Five: Sneaky Thieves of your Nutrients

Have you ever wondered why I focus so heavily on nutrient deficiencies? It’s not just a passing interest. Nutrient deficiencies are the silent culprits behind many chronic diseases. The disease doesn’t come just because we are overweight, fatigued, hormonally challenged, plagued with headaches, or have gut issues. Chronic disease starts long before these symptoms appear. It begins when our bodies lack the essential nutrients necessary for everyday tasks. The headache, fatigue, and gut issues are warning signs from your body, signaling that it's missing the essentials needed to function properly.

Meet the Filching Five

Some might ask, “But don’t toxicities, infections, and poor diets cause these issues?” Absolutely! These factors deplete our nutrients. I call them the Filching Five because they slowly and stealthily steal our nutrients over time, often without us knowing. Let’s break down these nutrient thieves:

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1. Infections: Bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites, and mold can all drain your nutrient reserves. They disrupt the balance of your body and demand extra nutrients to fight them off, leaving you depleted.


2. Toxicities: Chemicals, metals, plastics, and electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are modern-day intruders. They introduce harmful substances into your body, which uses up vital nutrients to detoxify and repair damage.


3. Poor Diet: Consuming dead, processed, and chemically-laden foods means you’re not getting the nutrients your body needs. Instead, you're feeding it empty calories that offer no real benefit.

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4. High-Stress Lifestyle: Burning the candle at both ends doesn’t allow your body to balance and heal. Chronic stress depletes vital nutrients and disrupts the harmonious functioning of your body.

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5. Genetic Variants: Some genetic mutations affect the way we absorb or convert certain nutrients. These genetic hiccups can mean you’re not getting the full benefit of the nutrients you consume.

What Can You Do About It?

The first step is to stop guessing and throwing random solutions at the wall, hoping something will stick. This approach wastes both time and money. Instead, consider a targeted strategy. Testing through hair follicle analysis gives you precise information about which nutrients are missing and which of the Filching Five are responsible. This test provides a 90-day plan, prioritizing how to restore those essential nutrients to your body.

By understanding and addressing the Filching Five, you can take control of your health and start the journey to feeling better. Don’t let these stealthy thieves rob you of your well-being.

Get informed, get tested, and reclaim your nutrients!

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