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Hair Follicle Testing (HDNA testing)

Uncover the underlying causes of your symptoms through insights from your hair follicle.  Say goodbye to wondering "Why do I feel this way?"


We analyze:

  • Nutrient deficiency

  • Food sensitivity

  • Viruses, parasites, bacteria, fungi

  • Mold exposure

  • Toxic metals, chemicals

  • EMF vulnerabilities

  • Body system health

This information guides us in recommending the most impactful foods, supplements, minerals, and vitamins for your health.

Step 1

The hair follicle contains live DNA that will be analyzed using a specialized scanner.  Once the scanner gathers data from your DNA it is broken apart into systematic algorithms that categorize and compare it against hundreds of environmental factors, including nutritional markers, pathogens, EMFs, and foods.


Step 2

After 10-15 minutes the analysis will be complete.  You will then receive a 34-page personalized report going over the state of your health in detail.  This report includes nutrient deficiencies categorized by vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, and fatty acids.  It will give you details about body systems that need special support.  It will tell you the gaps in your immune system, as well as what types of resistance your body is currently being attacked by (bacteria, viruses, parasites) and many more insights that help us find the root causes of illness.


Step 3

Dan will guide you through a comprehensive review of your report, offering insights and crafting a personalized health solution. This tailored plan ensures your body receives what it needs for healing and thriving!

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