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"My 12 year old son has been pretty healthy. But has had some bowel issues along with adhd and mood disorders. We have done lots of holistic things to help him but he has still struggled. I knew I needed to pinpoint what he needed more accurately to help him.
When we heard of Dan and his hair test I knew that was what we needed.
He was so helpful, open and communicative.
The test was simple and the technology incredible.
With the recommendations based off the test my son is improving so much.
His mood is more stable and he has had less bowel issues. He isn't dizzy anymore and feels better overall.
We are so grateful to Dan and this test to help further our health goals as a whole."


"I had vertigo for five years. I wasn’t able to drive and felt like I was spinning all the time.I had been to every type of doctor and they couldn’t find a cause for it. When I went to Dan, he was very sympathetic! He tested my hair, got me on supplements and changed my diet and within a month, my vertigo was gone. I am now able to drive and do fun things with my family. I feel like I got my life back! Thanks Dan!"


"I went to Dan as a supposedly healthy person, just wanting to tweak some issues I had as far as parasites and such. The hair analysis showed that I had serious radiation poisoning! Who knew?!
He explained my results very knowledgeably and spent a lot of time with me, which I don’t usually get when visiting other practitioners.
He was able to tell me why my body is having issues and how to fix them. It’s so nice to know what foods to eat or to stay away from as well as what supplements I need to take to achieve better health.
Since then, many of my family members have had the hair analysis done by Dan and it has changed their lives!
Dan is amazing!"


"I can say without reservation that working with Dan and investing in his Hair Follicle Testing and plan was one of the best decisions I ever made. Dan has a passion for helping people with their health goals and providing them with the exact tools to support their health.

Dan truly is an outstanding Nutritionist in the field! His sessions are thorough and done in a calm, caring and professional manner.

The Hair Follicle report is like nothing I have seen before. It revealed things going on in my body that I would NEVER have known otherwise. It takes the guesswork out of what supplements my body needs, thus optimizing my health and saving me money.

Dan and his program are officially first-string starters on my health team!!!"

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"Dan was so thorough, super easy to talk to and very knowledgeable! Can’t wait to make some changes with his suggestions and feel amazing."


"We had a wonderful experience having a hair analysis with Dan Valletta. He was very thorough on explaining what he was doing and what the results were. We had many questions and he took extra time to make sure we understood all of the information."

Image by Jason Mitrione
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