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"When we find the root of illness, we can truly heal" - Dan Valletta

Dan Valletta has his M.Ed in Health and Wellness.  He is a Holistic Nutritionist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and has taught health in the classroom for over a decade.


Dan's Story

The true value of health often becomes clear when we face our own challenges. My wake-up call came through a series of troubling digestive and autoimmune issues that disrupted my life. After numerous tests ordered by a Physician Assistant, the results showed nothing wrong. This was not only frustrating but also expensive. Despite the lack of answers from conventional medicine, my food intolerances worsened, my joints became stiff, and I was in constant pain.

In the midst of my struggle, I found hope in natural medicine, specifically whole foods and herbal remedies. Desperate to feel better, I spent countless hours researching. A chance conversation with a friend who practices holistic medicine led me to try an unconventional test that required just a few strands of hair. Although I was skeptical, I decided to give it a try.

The test results came quickly. In just 15 minutes, my hair follicles were scanned, revealing more about my health than any previous lab test. The report detailed the problems within my body, highlighted missing nutrients, and identified weaknesses in my immune system. Most importantly, it pinpointed the cause of my digestive issues: an excess of toxic heavy metals. These metals had depleted my essential minerals, overworked my liver, and disrupted my body's detox processes—something conventional medicine had missed.

Removing these heavy metals from my body was tough, but it was a turning point in my healing journey. I learned that everyone deserves a personalized approach to health. No more waiting for doctors to acknowledge uncertainty. There is a path to well-being for everyone, starting with understanding the unique needs of your body. I am now passionate about guiding others on this journey, helping them discover the ease of healing when you know what your body needs. Join me to see the healing that can unfold when we uncover your unique path.

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