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If you do not have a 23andMe or AncestryDNA test; we will send one to you!

  1. Sign up for a Genetic Analysis appointment using any date and time. 

  2. We will mail you an ancestryDNA Activation kit.

    1. Follow the instructions to collect your saliva, mail in your sample and receive an e-mail back that results are available.​

  3. Contact us that your results are in and set the actual appointment date and time.

  4. Immediately request your raw data download from 23andMe or AncestryDNA.  We will send you instructions on how to accomplish this.  

  5. When the download is made available to you, download it to your computer.

  6. Open an email from PureInsight and take the available health questionnaires.

  7. Upload your raw data to PureInsight by pressing the start upload button and selecting the file from your computer.

  8. NewPath will contact you to let you know that you’re report is ready to review with your practitioner.

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