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Our individual paths to wellness are as varied as our fingerprints

  The one-size-fits-all approach to health has been proven impractical and ineffective.  True healing requires that we account for the uniqueness of our genetics, environment, diet, body composition, hormone balance, etc.  Individualized testing through the hair follicle and epigenetics can reveal what our bodies need to function at a high level.  Let us show you how straightforward the journey to healing can be when we find our unique path.


Hair Follicle Testing

Uncover the underlying causes of your symptoms through insights from your hair follicle.  Say goodbye to wondering "Why do I feel this way?"

We analyze:

  • Nutrient deficiency

  • Toxic metals, chemicals

  • EMF vulnerabilities

  • Body system health

  • Food sensitivity

  • Viruses, parasites, bacteria, fungi

  • Mold exposure


Stop playing the guessing game.  Focus on the root causes and initiate the healing process for lasting health.


Gene Analysis

  • Uncover gene mutations responsible for missing nutrients and disease.

  • Optimize genetics and enhance methylation with a holistic practitioner.

  • Get personalized dietary, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations based on the genetic mutations you were born with.

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We prioritize the quality of what goes into our bodies. Explore our range of high-quality supplements designed to replenish nutrients lost to stress, environmental toxins, infection, and support optimal methylation.
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